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       "CONFESSIONS OF A SERIAL SONGWRITER"  Hal Leonard/Backbeat Books8095150072?profile=original   Shelly Peiken is best known for writing culturally resonant female-empowerment anthems such as Christina Aguilera’s No. 1 hit, “What a Girl Wants” and Meredith Brooks’ smash, “Bitch."

Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, a humorous and poignant pop culture memoir about Peiken’s journey, takes readers into the rarefied world of the music business. From a young girl falling under the spell of magical songs to a working professional writing hits of her own, Peiken describes how she built a career, from fledgling songwriter, pounding the streets of New York City to Grammy nominations, international hits, and the first Number One song of the millennium.    




This one day intensive workshop's morning session discussed the steps every songwriter needs to take in preparing for recording their songs either as demos meant to pitch for artists or as personal artist recordings. We talked about how to pick a producer, a recording studio, the kind of contract agreements one should consider and to walk away from, and the finished product deliverables you should insist on having in hand upon completion. 

The afternoon sessions a demonstration in the process of recording from microphone to finished mix.  We went over the vocabulary of the studio as we demonstrate techniques like compression, EQ, reverb, mixing, mastering and more. Workshop members shared their home recording set-ups and issues they were facing and concerned they had. Many questions answered!  The key goal is to educate you as you enter a recording situation to get the best product at the right cost.   This is one of the Collective's most popular workshops and will be held again in the fall! 




This event will be rescheduled very soon!! 

Our special guest will be entertainment attorney Wallace Collins.   This workshop is essential for songwriters, producers, beat makers, publishers and all interested in understanding the workings of the music business.



A wonderful day of music as workshop participants played their songs and productions for Steven Scharf, Sr. VP of Creative for Carlin America Inc. and President of Steven Scharf Entertainment!

The business of music licensing was explained with  many questions answered along the way.

Look for the announcement of our next one day seminar very soon!


The "COLLECTIVE SONG CLUB"  rings in the New Year this Wednesday, January 6th from 5:30-8:30pm and every other following Wednesday evening with January 20th and February 3rd in the calendar! Save the dates.  For all the info click HERE!

A wonderful day with a full studio of Collective members going over all the steps of "pre-production" and following the studio experience from the microphone and instrument recording all the way to mixing and mastering.  A discussion of home studio recording set-ups and a Q&A session followed. We'll be holding this workshop in the Fall! 


A full house at the Bitter End for a wonderful evening original songs from our members to benefit 

the family of late guitarist Jeff Golub! Thanks to all who lent their talent and songs!


A wonderful weekend at the New York Songwriters Collective's Summer Camp Workshop with special guests Daniel Novick, Esq explaining the ins and outs of the business of songwriting and Molly Seel (pictured), creative at Atlas Music Publishing, discussing the role of the music publisher in the industry and listening to our campers songs! 

Thanks to all our members who added their talents to our Member Showcase to benefit the "Music For Youth" programs of the UJA of NYC!  A wonderful evening of original music. A big thanks to Kenny and all at The Bitter End. Thanks to "

" for her pictures in the slideshow below! Enjoy!

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